Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is [bluester] about, how does it work

Through user rating and 3rd party vetting and verification services.

To ensure the quality of Service Providers active on [bluester] on the one hand a very fair, simple, transparent and easily handable rating system has been put in place: all Ship Managers must rate a service after execution; over time a reliable rating is established, construed from all individual ratings given by all Ship Managers using the [bluester] platform.

On the other hand [bluester] is having Service Providers vetted and verified by recognized third parties like MarTrust and Bureau Veritas.

[bluester] is checking companies on registration to an extent reasonably possible.

All information published on [bluester] is to be regarded as any other publicly or made available information.

[bluester] though does carry out random and reasonably possible checks of published information.

The amount of information that can be published individually though is very limited due to the standardized processes.

[bluester] is available on any internet device.

Vessel crew can manage the vessel equipment.

Vessel crew can file requests as drafts so to notify the person in charge about a service need.
The person in charge then only has to send the request bindingly and order the service.

As long as vessel crew are registered as Assitant Users it is secured and guaranteed that they can only support the work of the persons in charge and cannot release any legally binding actions.